Multilingual Customer Service Outsourcing

Innovation in Multilingual Customer Service Outsourcing

Today, UK call centre managers hire bilingual agents to handle calls by non-English speaking customers or outsource it.  But there is a better way: telephone interpreting can be implemented within days and provides immediate access to hundreds of languages. It is also more cost effective: all you pay is a low per minute rate.

This is a proven solution: we serve thousands of contact centres with their non-English speaking callers, including many of the largest organizations in travel, insurance, banking, and healthcare.

Telephone interpretation is used across industries and for different situations:


  • A telecommunication / IT company uses telephone interpreters to provide a multilingual helpdesk to employees of multinational companies across the world.


  • A leading group travel provider connects to telephone interpreters when in-house language support is not available. The provider has multilingual call centres across the globe with agents speaking close to twenty languages. As immediate language support is required 24/7, telephone translation is an important element in their multilingual customer support program.


  • A bank uses telephone interpretation to support local immigrant groups. The Financial Conduct Authority recently issued guidance to create programs for “vulnerable customers”. Support for non-English speaking customers is one of the areas to be addressed.


  • A fashion company uses telephone interpretation to provide phone support in two new global markets where online stores have recently been launched.

The benefits of telephone interpreting are:


  • Purely variable costs: there are no set-up fees or minimums. All you pay is one low per minute rate for calls that include an interpreter.


  • Quick implementation: implementation can be accomplished within days. All you need is a toll-free number, and an access code to connect to our interpreters.


  • No training required: we already serve customers in all major industries. Our interpreters are trained to do real-time translation of conversations for many different business settings.


  • High customer satisfaction: according to a survey with over 400 call centre managers, customer satisfaction with telephone interpreting is equal to being served by an agent that speaks the customer’s language. What matters is that they can speak their native language.


  • 24/7 support in hundreds of languages: we support over 3,000 customers and have more than 2,000 full-time employees. We can use that scale to provide 24/7 support in hundreds of languages.


  • Connection in 15 seconds or less: across all customers and languages, we connect you to an interpreter in 15 seconds or less on average.

In-house support vs. Telephone Interpretation

Today, many call centre managers ponder between using an outsourced provider and hiring in-house bilingual agents to provide multilingual customer support. Telephone interpreting might be of use in situations where volumes in a particular language are low or demand is unpredictable.

Learn more about how to handle multilingual calls from this article: In-house agents vs. Phone Interpretation

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