Solving language barriers in the travel industry: a better customer journey

If you operate in the customer service sector in the travel industry, you’ve most likely encountered a situation where you could not support the language of your customers. Whether your organisation books trips, provides hotel lodging, rents cars, is a global distribution provider or even an airline, proactively finding a solution for interpretation can prevent significant problems.

The inability to overcome these language barriers can decrease the level of customer service your organisation wishes to provide by missing out on customers who speak languages besides English. Employees can become frustrated when they can no longer effectively do their jobs. Do you have a plan for when this happens? Some companies in the travel industry do: over the phone interpretation.

Imagine following the travel experience of a customer who does not speak a common language. With over the phone interpretation, this once difficult customer service journey becomes a simple and enjoyable one.

Multilingual service - travel agencyWhen a customer calls in to book a trip and the agent answering the phone does not speak the language, the agent can use over the phone interpretation and bring a live interpreter onto the call, allowing the customer to ask any questions without difficulty and confidently secure a trip.

Traveling through a crowded airport a customer has never been to before can be a difficult experience, heightened when a language barrier is present. But with over the phone interpretation, when a non-English speaking customer approaches a staff member to ask for a gate location, the member can simply pick up the phone, dial an over the phone interpreter service, place it on speakerphone, and allow the non-English speaker’s question to get through the language barrier and answered.

Checking into a hotel that provides over the phone interpretation creates a great customer experience for a non-English speaking customer, something most hotel chains work to provide. The front desk agent can dial out to a language provider and find the customer’s reservation through interpretation, without creating frustration due to a weary traveller not being understood. Similarly, renting a car to travel anywhere when a representative does not speak the preferred language of the customer can make dates, times, and locations – all crucial information to hiring a car – easily mistaken or confused. Having an interpreter on the phone who is willing to repeat and clarify this information can make sure the customer gets to the destination.

Consumers conducting business in the travel industry can have a lot of questions. Whether they want to get into the business for themselves or just want information, providing multiple languages for those customers can create more opportunities and more loyal customers. Instead of struggling through a conversation with a potential customer in a different language, agents can look forward to securing an interpreter and delighting a customer by providing the language of choice.

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