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 Multilingual Customer Service for Insurance Providers

Insurance companies that can speak the languages of their customers will have a competitive edge in a quickly growing market. Some organisations have recognized the need for multilingual support and have instituted strategies to handle calls from non-English speaking customers. Providing telephone interpretation service might be particularly interesting for:

  • Travel insurance providers
  • Car or property insurers
  • Providers of global medical coverage

CyraCom’s 24/7 language interpreter line provides quick access to personal support in hundreds of languages.

Bupa, Allianz, and Zurich provide customer support in multiple languages.


This makes sense, more than 10% of the UK population have a primary language other than English. People will prefer to purchase insurance from a provider that can speak their language.


Telephone interpreting is a solution that is easy to implement and provides immediate access to hundreds of languages and all you pay is a low per minute rate.


Learn more about why UK insurers should provide multilingual customer support and how travel insurers benefit from telephone interpretation.

How does telephone interpretation work?



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