Multilingual Customer Service for Banks

You already have non-English speaking customers – make sure they stay with your bank by servicing them in their preferred language for financial discussions, including topics like:

  • Checking, savings, and investment account
  • Lines of credit and loans
  • Monetary disputes

Telephone interpretation is a cost effective solution to provide multilingual customer support.

Why Telephone Interpreting?

The National Debtline uses an interpreter service allowing them to communicate with customers in any of 100 languages, so does the Financial Ombudsman Service.


This makes sense, more than 10% of the UK population have a primary language other than English. People will prefer to bank where they can speak their language.


Lloyd TBS have Polish speaking staff in key stores and HSBC provide 24-hour multilingual advice service. Using an interpreter service accomplishes the same at a fraction of the costs.


The Financial Conduct Authority encourages ease of communication for customers that lack English language skills.  Providing support in your customer’s native language increases customer satisfaction, a key factor shown to affect retention, revenue and customer loyalty.

How does telephone interpretation work?

Secure operations

ISO 9001 certified and PCI compliant

CyraCom serves some of the largest banks with telephone interpretation services. Company’s employee interpreters work in 7 PCI-compliant contact centres. Our data security and confidentiality procedures are regularly audited by our clients and ISO 9001 auditors.

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