Create a competitive advantage in a growing market-segment.
Create a competitive advantage in a growing market-segment.
Recruiting, training, and monitoring bilingual staff may put a strain on management and finances. Limitations may include time coverage and languages offered.

Your bilingual employees get sick or take time off leaving your organization unable to fully serve non-English speaking customers.

CyraCom’s telephonic interpretation may offer a low-cost alternative or supplement to existing bilingual staff. CyraCom operates 24/7 and offers hundreds of languages. Telephone interpretation is a proven solution. We serve thousands of contact centers with their non-English speaking callers, including many of the largest organizations in travel, insurance, banking, and healthcare.

Find out how CyraCom can help your organization.


Create a competitive advantage in a growing market segment.

Retail banking

Non-English speaking customers may struggle with details of your services, and this may affect satisfaction. CyraCom can help facilitate financial discussions in topics like:

  • Checking, savings, and investment accounts.
  • Lines of credit and loans.
  • Monetary disputes.

According to research by the International Customer Management Institute, most center managers believe customers expect service in their preferred language. Meeting and exceeding these expectations may result in higher customer satisfaction and retention.


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Make sure your customers understand the terms and context of your calls. CyraCom’s telephone interpreters overcome language barriers in areas including:

  • Travel, automotive, medical, and legal terminology.
  • Life and personal lines concepts.
  • Property and home insurance.

CyraCom interpreters comply with rigorous data protection laws ensuring your client information remains safe. Adding clarity to settlement or other tense conversations may enable your customers to feel more confident in your services.


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Travel & Hospitality

Help your customers feel at home when they travel by serving them in their native languages. CyraCom provides telephone interpretation to:

  • Hotels, airlines, and airports.
  • Car rental and travel agencies.
  • Tourist destinations and theme parks.

Use telephone interpretation as a competitive differentiator to provide your customers a top-level travel experience.


Adding telephone interpretation may reduce the costs of customer service by dropping time spent on setting appointments and receiving fewer repeat service requests. Other improvements may include:

  • Collections and billing.
  • Sales to non-English speakers.
  • Service to walk-in customers in retail outlets.

Provide service to your customers in their preferred language and your staff may experience a higher rate of efficiency and productivity, according to the International Customer Management Institute.


Your clientele likely includes non-English speakers. An excellent experience for your customers includes providing them service in their preferred language. CyraCom telephone interpreters supplement your bilingual staff in areas like:

  • E-commerce troubleshooting.
  • Customer service.
  • Building customer rapport.

Providing your customers with their preferred language may increase sales, repeat customer purchases, and ROI.


You need quick, reliable telephone interpretation for your non-English speaking customers. Spend less time struggling to communicate things like:

  • Billing, contract, and service cancellation explanations.
  • Equipment installation and repairs.
  • General customer service and inquiries.

CyraCom interpreters receive training in industry terminology for fast, clear, and accurate interpretation.

Housing Associations

Your association may have instituted equality and diversity policies to ensure the fair treatment of each customer. Many organizations consider providing language access a best practice and CyraCom offers service through:

  • Speaker or dual-handset for present non-English speakers.
  • 3-way conference call.
  • Written translation and localization.

Provide every customer the same level of service. Many housing associations use a language interpreter line to provide multilingual customer support.

Business Process Outsourcers

You can make your English-speaking staff multilingual by providing telephone interpretation support. CyraCom operates 24/7 and provides multilingual customer care in hundreds of languages to:

  • Enhance your service line up.
  • Use your existing staff and infrastructure.
  • Provide support to global customers.

You may see an increase in employee and customer satisfaction by signing up with CyraCom.

Government / Community

Providing access to essential services for immigrants.

Health Services

You have non-English speaking patients and need to make sure they receive the same level of care as English speaking patients. CyraCom interpreters receive certification and extensive training in:

  • Medical, anatomy, and physiology terminology.
  • Data protection and confidentiality protocols.
  • Common conditions, diseases, and procedures.

CyraCom leads healthcare interpreting serving over 2,000 hospitals, health insurance providers, and other healthcare providers.


You know the importance of comprehension in education. Provide non-English speaking students and parents an equal opportunity to succeed. CyraCom interpreters receive training in areas including:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) Special Education meetings.
  • English Language Learner (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) parent meetings, disciplinary hearings and enrollment inquiries.
  • Health office and emergencies.

CyraCom telephone interpreters eliminate expensive hourly minimums for on-site interpreters and you can access services without scheduling an appointment.

Emergency Response Services

Eliminating language barriers in emergency situations can save lives. Every second counts, so CyraCom trains our emergency interpreters in areas including:

  • Obtaining address information quickly when asked by the call taker.
  • Speaking with children and callers with impaired mental states.
  • Stolen property, accidents, domestic violence, violent crimes, and identifying bodies.

Our telephone interpreters receive ongoing training to follow the tone, intensity, and urgency of the call, so you can depend on your message being delivered accurately and quickly.

Border and Asylum Process

Your bilingual agents may lack capabilities or resources to serve all non-English speaking persons who require your help and services. CyraCom telephone interpreters receive training to assist with your language needs in areas like:

  • Border force procedures.
  • Immigration interviews.
  • Applications to stay.

The recent increase in non-English speakers may put a strain on your current bilingual staff. Quickly connect to CyraCom interpreters for fast, accurate, and cost-efficient language services.

Public Services

Your services impact many lives, including those of non-English speakers. Those in need may struggle to ask for help. CyraCom can assist in areas including:

  • Job seeking.
  • Pensions and disabled people.
  • Housing.

CyraCom interpreters adhere to strict data protection and privacy regulations to ensure private information remains private.