How a Global Travel Provider Support Hundreds of Languages Over the Phone

If you operate in the customer service sector in the travel industry, you’ve most likely encountered a situation where you could not support the language of one of your customers. For some travel agencies, this can cause significant problems, such as decreasing the level of customer service they wish to provide by missing out on customers who speak languages besides English and frustrating employees who can no longer effectively do their jobs. Do you have a plan for when this happens?

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One of the world’s leading global travel providers encountered just this situation and had a plan but it wasn’t sufficient. This company could provide about 15 languages through its seven support centres across the world. However, this wasn’t enough because the travel provider was receiving customer service phone calls in far more languages than the 15 it supported. This company truly wanted to

be global, creating the need for a cost-efficient solution that could support hundreds of languages.

The global travel provider conducted some research and learned about Cyracom’s telephone interpretation and the ability it could gain to have a live interpreter on a call with both the call center agent and the customer.

The company was initially resistant to use telephone interpretation, worried that having a three way call with an interpreter repeating the conversation being held, wouldn’t meet their standards of customer service. But the company conducted tests with CyraCom and learned that the level of customer service on a call was not diminished by having an interpreter, but rather increased because it gained loyal customers it could not previously communicate with.

Adding CyraCom’s telephone interpretation service became a part of the travel provider’s language plan and now it is prepared to deliver great customer service in nearly 200 hundred languages.

To read about other travel industry organizations who have used over the phone interpretation to solve a problem at their companies, click here and download a free whitepaper.

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