Beyond Translation: Phone Support in Any Language

Operating websites across countries and languages is a necessity for many travel organizations.

According to Euromonitor, International, a travel research firm, 70% of travel sales in the UK are conducted online. In other western countries, the penetration of online travel sales is slightly lower but still significant.

However, nearly one in five customers (18%) indicate they had a problem booking reservations online. When problems like these are resolved quickly, customers are surprised and respond positively, according to a satisfaction survey by J.D. Power.

Many issues can be handled online, but often a phone call with a representative is the most appropriate method. That’s why phone support hasn’t gone away; in fact, 75% of customer service interactions are still done over the phone.

Now, what should you do when you need to provide phone support in multiple languages?

cyracom-home-servicesIn the international travel business, this situation is guaranteed to come up. That’s why leading travel organizations aren’t stopping their multilingual support at localizing websites – they’re expanding it to include telephonic support as well. Of course, staffing your own contact center with agents who speak hundreds of languages isn’t always practical, so many organizations have turned instead to partners like CyraCom to provide Phone Interpretation.

Phone Interpretation is a simple three-way call between your agent, your customer, and a qualified professional interpreter. The interpreter acts as a conduit, relaying your agent’s words to the customer in a language they understand. At CyraCom, interpreters are available in hundreds of languages, and connect with your customers in seconds.

An organization that depends on people of all backgrounds, cultures, and languages traveling the world must be able to help those people in a language they understand. With the help of a great Language Services partner, your non-native-speaking customers can enjoy all the experiences of traveling the world, without a language barrier standing in their way.

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