A Smooth Check-in: How a Global Hotel Chain Supports Hundreds of Languages

There aren’t many organisations that can truly say they do business worldwide, but this client is one of them. The company operates hotels on six continents, with a high concentration in North America and the UK. They now have thousands of hotels in close to one hundred countries. Travelers from every corner of the world stay there for both business and personal trips.

When you do business just about everywhere, it’s critical to be able to speak to just about everyone. And when you operate hotels, your customers often arrive having traveled a long way. They’re tired, and all they want is to check in, rest up, and enjoy some of the amenities your location has to offer. That makes it critical that the process runs smoothly, in any language

Multilingual hotel customer servcieLanguage skills have always been an important factor for this chain when hiring new talents, but some service gaps were inevitable.

Imagine arriving after a long day on the road. You go to the front desk and, despite not speaking much English, make it understood that you’re checking in. Then, disaster – they don’t have your reservation. What could have been an easy process, now requires extensive communication, and there is nobody that speaks your language.

They’ve built a global brand on the back of a strong service culture. Their goal was to streamline and simplify the process of staying at their hotels from beginning to end. Making the reservation, checking in, chatting with the concierge and experiencing all the hotel has to offer – all of these needed to be seamless, and none could be held up by a language barrier.

Adding telephone interpretation as an additional tool significantly improved the language capabilities.

Agents company-wide, whether in a call centre or manning the front desk, can bring a CyraCom interpreter into any conversation, ensuring understanding and smooth communication at every stage of the hotel stay. With hundreds of languages available through CyraCom, there are now very few situations where a language gap cannot be bridged.

To continue with the reservation example above, imagine that the front desk staff identified that you spoke Korean and quickly connected to a CyraCom interpreter. After realizing that you could communicate in your own language, it no longer seemed so daunting to resolve the reservation issue. And this extra service just made you feel that you chose the right hotel.

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