A New Language Interpreter Line

Did you know there is an alternative to your current language interpreter line?


PoundSome companies that have switched to CyraCom are benefiting from:

– No fixed fees

– Lower per minute rates

– Lower Average Handle Times


Compare the quality and connection speed, and you may find both improved service and lower costs with CyraCom’s telephone interpreting service.

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Our interpreter contact center model: Interpreter supervisors have raised stations to provide support to their team members and easily enforce the Company’s clean desk policy.

Illustrated: Common complaint against competitor work-at-home models include a lack of privacy and security controls against negligence and malicious intent, as well as noisy or uncontrolled environments.

Customers that have switched to CyraCom have experienced the following:


Fast call routing: our award-winning language selection interface and call routing ensure fast connection to an interpreter.



High audio quality: our call centre operation and high-end telecommunication infrastructure provide consistent quality.


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Consistent interpreting quality: our ISO 9001 processes, 120 hour of class-room training for employee interpreters and quality assurance team ensure high interpreting quality.


Contact us to start a pilot and conduct a side-by-side comparison with your existing language interpreting line. 


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