Innovation in Multilingual Customer Service Outsourcing

Today, UK call centre managers hire bilingual agents to handle calls by non-English speaking customers or outsource it.  But there is a better way: telephone interpreting can be implemented within days and provides quick access to many languages. It is also more cost effective: all you pay is a low per minute rate. Learn more.

This is a proven solution: we serve thousands of contact centres with their non-English speaking callers, including many of the largest organizations in travel, insurance, banking, and healthcare.

Why use Phone Interpretation?

  • Affordability: Pay by the minute for languages otherwise too expensive or unavailable to staff internally.
  • Scalability: Support new languages with your existing, English speaking staff. Immediately provide support for your international business and the growing, diverse domestic population.
  • Usability: Research shows that English-speaking staff is more productive and happier with a phone interpretation service.
  • Consistency: If your Polish-speaking staff take time off, quit, or become ill, where will the Polish calls go? Use phone interpretation for absences, overflow, or for languages you can’t staff full-time.


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How it works

Connect to interpreters quickly in many languages. We offer interpretation services 24/7.

Check out the languages we support and watch how we qualify our interpreters.

Make any agent “multilingual”

Your English-speaking agents can speak many languages quickly. With a simple 3-way conference call and a short hold for the customer, a CyraCom interpreter is on demand via speed-dial. You can also call a non-English speaking customer by connecting with an interpreter before the call.

Stop waiting and start talking

Anyone who has waited an hour for an interpreter to arrive can attest to the advantage of an on-call interpreter available on demand. Whether through CyraCom’s mobile App, a dual-handset phone, a web browser, or any phone that has a speakerphone, you need only wait seconds for an interpreter.

Add written translations

Enhance the experience of your non-English-speaking customers by translating your website and brochures into their languages.

About us

  • Over 3,000 customers
  • 2,000 employees
  • Operating 7 large scale Contact Centres
  • Provider of Multilingual Customer Service to Fortune 500 companies
  • 20,000 square metres of contact centre space
  • 10-time Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company

Watch this video to experience how interpretation is provided in one of our contact centres.

Worldwide offices

London (UK) and several locations in the US (Arizona, California, Florida, New York, New Mexico, and Texas).


Since 1995, our clients have relied on CyraCom to overcome language barriers.

Many of our clients are global brands and leaders in their industry. We serve clients in over 100 sectors including some of the largest banks, insurers, health care providers, utilities, telecommunication providers, hotels, retailers, and travel organizations.

Over 3,000 customers use CyraCom’s language interpreter line to communicate with their non-English speaking customers.

Do you already use telephone interpretation? Check out why we should be the new language interpreter line for you.

Read some of the case studies about how our customers use telephone interpreting to provide multilingual customer service.

30 – Fortune 500 companies

2 of top 4 insurers

6 of top 10 banks

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